This series is my "Fortieth Storey" project. Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) was introduced by the HDB in 2005. Flats built under the scheme are meant for public housing and developed by private developers. These flats are usually built with better designs and are relatively higher than the normal HDB flats. It felt to me that these flats are "options" for the heartlanders to get panoramic views of Singapore. The other vantage points are often less accessible to the ordinary heartlanders. Interestingly, when I visited these 40 storey flats at various locations in Singapore, I can often see the other famous vantage points like the MBS or the Singapore Flyer. They are there but appears to be far from reach. At the end of the series, I have a night shot of a closer view of the MBS and Singapore Flyer.

The series was shot using 4x5 B&W sheet films on my Speed Graphic camera, with the thought of getting the mood and details on the photos.

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